Reaching Up to Reach Out


1 December 2017

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I heard a really good story recently

It was about how your list for presents at Christmas reduces the older you get.

It also went on to say the reason for this, it was because you begin to realise the value in relationships and experiences with others as opposed to material things.

Think for a moment about the gift that God sent in Jesus.

He came wrapped in swaddling clothes and was laid in a manger, and most of us at this time of year can conjure up this imaginary which is on many Christmas cards.

Gifts look great under a tree – but they only become all that they are supposed to be once opened and and put to use.

The very same must be said about the baby in the manger – he grew and his life was unwrapped, and then poured out for all of us, so that we too can enjoy the best relationship known to man – a life that is given over to God to be effective for all that God has in store for mankind.

The greatest gift each one of us can expect, is one where we are in relationship with God the father through Jesus, and the amazing experiences slowly unwrap and follow from there.

Unwrap Christ this Christmas – because there is no Christmas with out Christ.

Rob Saggs

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