Reaching Up to Reach Out

Important = Important

28 January 2016

stamp important with red text on white

How often do negate the Important things … or the Important people in our lives.

We are often being busy with things that really do not align themselves with our core value

Ask yourself 3 simple questions today and think about what is Important in your life.

1. What really really matters to you, so much so that if you didn’t do it, you would regret it whilst laying on your deathbed?

2. How are you spending the time you have, inline with the answer to question 1?

3. How can you make space for the Important in your life this year? If you continue doing what you are doing now, and it doesn’t align with ‘the Important’ in your life, you are robing from who you are destined to be.

Make space for the important this year and feel the difference it will make to you.

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