Reaching Up to Reach Out

Happy New Year from CGC Maldon

5 January 2017



I read this on Facebook this week, very wise tips for 2017.

“I don’t know what God wants me to do with my life,” is probably the most common statement I hear from believers young and old as I travel. Here are five tips for 2017:

1) Share your faith – you don’t need a word from God or an angelic visitation to tell others what Jesus has done for you.

2) Serve your local church – being rooted in and serving your church is always a great place to start. Playing a part in the advancement of God’s kingdom is a great privilege – no matter how small the job may seem.

3) Help the poor – if you want to know God’s heart, get around the poor. Whether it’s helping with your local food bank, buying a gift for a struggling family or going on a mission trip, you can’t be out of God’s will if you’re reaching those in desperate need.

4) Be thankful – don’t pray for more opportunities, thank God for the ones you already have. Be willing to be part of the answer to your prayers. Good evangelists are always opportunists.

5) Believe in yourself – guess what, we all messed up in 2016 and didn’t quite make the mark. The same will happen this year, but don’t think God’s finished with you. He still loves, still cares for you and still wants to use you in 2017. Don’t give up! – Matthew Murray

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