Reaching Up to Reach Out

Building a house

7 September 2017


‘Unless the Lord builds the house they Labor in vain’ Psalm 127.1

Did you know that to build St Paul’s Cathedral it took 10 years to design and another  40 years to build – that’s half a century!

The iconic cathedral still stands proudly in the city of London today.

Have you noticed that if something is designed well, and then built over time, it seems to last, and is able to withstand a significant amount of adversity.

Allow God to whisper to you of the design he see’s for your life. No matter how far away that may seem from this moment, begin that journey with him. Allow him to create a master piece out of you.

God has a design for our lives, it will inevitably run into some hiccups, but if we spend time in the design stage (listening to both his spoken and written word) then building and referring to the drawings regularly, we will be a beautiful building on Gods landscape.

On our journey as a Church this year we have been looking at the things we need to do to inhabit our land. To inhabit – we must think ‘long term’, and for those who will inherit what we leave behind. What are we building that will last and be a good inheritance for others to enjoy?

Rob Saggs

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